Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Through Upgrades – Part 3: Why Professional Installation Matters

Boosting the energy efficiency of your home via upgrades isn’t just about choosing the right products–you’ll also need to decide on whether to take the do-it-yourself route or work with a professional. While there’s nothing wrong with DIY, it does require extensive training and precise work to ensure the project is done properly. For the untrained homeowner, it’s always a better idea to choose a contractor for the job instead. Here’s why:

Part 3: Why Professional Installation Matters

  • Home improvement contractors have the necessary skills and experience, allowing for timely, efficient work that adheres to safety and quality standards.
  • Professionals have all the tools and equipment necessary for the job, plus familiarity with safety procedures to ensure the work runs smoothly without any risk of accident.
  • Because a pro has already worked on a number of home improvement projects, there’s reduced potential for costly mistakes and unwitting property damage.
  • Working with a contractor gives you access to higher quality materials and products. Because pros represent top manufacturers, they can also offer solid and extensive warranties from top brands in the industry.

What Does Professional Installation Have to Do With Energy Efficiency?

Let’s say you chose the most energy-efficient replacement windows available today. They use durable, weather-resistant framing material and advanced glass. The ENERGY STAR label is also featured prominently on them. You wouldn’t want to mess up the superior energy performance they can provide if you’re not confident with your installation skills. This won’t be a concern, however, when you work with a professional.

Thanks to their experience, they’ll be able to install your new windows right the first time. The same goes for your other home upgrades, whether they involve doors, siding or roofing. Professional installation does away with potential hiccups involved with the project. In window replacement, for example, it’s important for the new unit to perfectly fit into the opening. Too little or too much insulation can affect the window’s energy-saving properties. A pro would know all about this, ensuring just the precise amount of insulation to apply. Simply put, you’ll get the full energy-saving performance of your upgrade when you work with a professional.

Just make sure your contractor is:

  • Licensed, insured (with workers’ compensation and liability coverage) and bonded.
  • Experienced so the work runs smoothly from start to finish.
  • Certified so you can benefit from exclusive manufacturer warranties and their own workmanship guarantee.
  • Established, with good track record from previous clients and satisfactory ratings on prominent trade sites, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Always keep energy efficiency in mind when investing in a home improvement project. This way, you can earn a healthier return on investment via lower energy costs, while also doing your bit for the environment.

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