How To Properly Maintain Your Deck All Year Long

When you think of a deck, what comes to mind? We hope it’s great memories of time spent with family and friends, summer evening barbeques, and lots of relaxation — not constant upkeep and maintenance. Decks should add to your home’s enjoyment rather than being another chore. Here are a
few tips that will keep your deck looking great all year-long without constant maintenance.

1. Don’t paint your deck.
Painting your deck is not a good idea since year-round moisture, winter ice and snow, plus hot summer sun can cause the paint to chip and flake. This means even more work for you since sanding and re-painting can be a real pain. With wood decks, it’s best to stick to stain and sealer since these tend to be more durable than paint and are easier to replace if needed. Another option is to choose a low-maintenance decking material like Zuri ® Premium Decking which doesn’t require any staining or repainting and can be kept fresh with minimal cleaning.

2. Sweep away debris regularly.
Think of your deck as an extension of your home. Just as you clean the rooms in your home regularly, cleaning off your deck on a regular basis will majorly help its durability. When leaves and dirt accumulate, so does mold, rot, and stains — all things that can degrade the lifespan of your deck. A quick sweep every now and then will help you avoid time-consuming maintenance down the road.

3. Rearrange the furniture at least once a year.
Rearranging the layout of your deck furniture is a smart idea since mildew is prone to accumulate beneath rugs and furniture. Moving things around will prevent moisture from being trapped in one place too long. Plus, it’s a great way to refresh the look of your deck each spring!

Have questions about low-maintenance decking? Give us a call today to discuss which decking material is best for your home!

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