How to Deal with Gutter Problems: 3 Easy Tips – Part 2: Having Your Gutters Inspected

You won’t know what’s wrong with your gutters unless you take a closer look at them. Perform an initial inspection of your system by taking a walk around your home and noting which areas need work. Your gutters are exposed to the elements all year so they may sustain enough damage to compromise the gutters’ draining ability. Here’s some of the signs you need to watch out for:

Having Your Gutters Inspected

  • Cracks along its length, which can hinder its job of channeling rainwater away from your home. Larger cracks will need a prompt solution, but you should also take note of smaller ones. They can worsen over time and leave your home exposed to water damage.
  • Misaligned gutters, which allow for dips and valleys where rainwater can pool. This doesn’t just shorten the life of your system — stagnant water and accumulated debris also have accompanying health risks.  
  • Chipped or peeling paint, which indicates damage and may require a prompt gutter replacement.
  • Rust on the bottom of your gutters, which means water has backed up inside the system. When this happens, it spills over the side instead of exiting through the downspout, making it easy for water to enter the home through your soffit and fascia,  subjecting your home’s exterior to damage.
  • Gutters that sag or pull away, which eventually lead to their collapse. When this happens, it’s best you call on your reliable contractor to install a new system.

Following your initial checkup, have a trusted contractor perform a more comprehensive inspection  of your gutters’ condition. This way, you’ll learn which solution is most appropriate for your system’s problems. Additionally, a thorough gutter inspection helps:

  • Prevent issues from worsening. Don’t wait until you’ve already noticed issues to have your gutters examined. An occasional check-up by a trusted contractor, especially after a major weather event, can prevent existing problems from getting worse. This lets you avoid extensive and costly repair work.
  • Stops issues from forming in the first place. Because regular cleaning and maintenance helps keep your gutters sturdy and well-performing, there’s less chance of problems forming that can compromise their draining performance. This also means your home and belongings stay dry and free from water exposure.

Don’t underestimate the importance of an expert gutter inspection from a premier home improvement contractor. It can help identify your system’s issues, determine the most suitable solutions and help you make the most of your gutter’s service life.

Our next post details the best and most lasting solution to your gutter issues–professional and high-quality replacement. Stay tuned!

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