Four important things to know about LeafGuard gutters

Put an end to gutter cleaning for good!

Four important things to know about LeafGuard gutters

1. LeafGuard gutters are stronger and more durable than any other gutter system.
A seamless piece of aluminum keeps LeafGuard gutters from bowing or bending over the course of time. Made from aluminum that is 20% thicker than standard gutters, LeafGuard gutters can stand the test of Mother Nature and Father Time.

2. LeafGuard’s patented design keeps debris out of your gutters (and squirrels & their acorns too!)
The patented curved design of LeafGuard’s gutter guards sets it apart from the competition. The debris- and pest-shielding hood is a seamless part of the gutter, ensuring no points of weakness and no bulky looking gutter guards on the sides of your home.

3. LeafGuard protects your home’s siding, trim and foundation from water damage.
The one-piece design of LeafGuard gutters attaches directly to the fascia board of your house, eliminating potential leaks that could damage your home’s exterior or foundation. In addition, the downspouts of a LeafGuard gutter system are 30% larger than the standard gutter downspout so they can carry more water away from your home.

4. LeafGuard gutters are clog-free! No more ladders to clean gutters each year!
Clogged gutters no longer have to be a part of home ownership. LeafGuard stands behind their design and offers a No Clog Guarantee with each gutter installation. If your gutters clog, the installing dealer will come out to clean them himself! Take the headache out of home ownership and ensure your gutters remain clog-free by installing a LeafGuard gutter system.

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