How to Tell if it’s Time to Replace the Gutters

While the gutters may appear to be an auxiliary part of your home, they actually play a key role in protecting the entire home from water damage. Despite this, it’s one of your home’s most vulnerable structures, as it can easily get filled with dirt and debris that can clog and outright damage it.

How to Tell if it's Time to Replace the Gutters

In this post, Exterior Source shares how to tell if it’s time to replace your old and battered gutters with a new system.

Cracks and Splits

Small cracks may appear harmless, but they can grow in size in just a matter of weeks, due to constant water exposure and sudden changes in temperature. Cracks and splits in the gutters are especially dangerous, as they have a negative impact on how the water flows from the roof and into the downspout.

Small cracks can be addressed with timely gutter repair. If there are several cracks and splits in the gutters though, we recommend replacing it with a new system, as the damage has already had a negative impact on how sturdy the gutters actually are.

Gutter Age

Once your gutters reach a certain age, no amount of repair work will restore it to its original condition. In fact, the repair work you do may end up costing as much as a full replacement. The average life span of the gutters is actually dependent on the type of steel used. Lower grade steels typically last between 15 to 25 years, whereas the likes of aluminum or stainless steel can often last a good 50 years.

Water Pools

Be wary of water pooling around your house – especially close to the foundation. This is a clear sign that your gutters are no longer doing their job of properly diverting water away from your home. This is often due to cracks or sagging gutters; both are a consequence of long-term damage and age and will require timely replacement to address.

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