3 Reasons to Invest In a LeafGuard Gutter System

A gutter is a gutter, right? Well…not so fast. All gutters are installed for the same purpose (to channel water away from your home’s foundation), but different factors can prevent them from performing their job efficiently.

One such problem is the buildup of leaves inside your gutters. As leaves and other debris land on your roof and slide down into your gutters, they get stuck and build up over time. Unless you are constantly climbing a ladder to clean out the gutters, it’s unavoidable that eventually the water flow will become blocked and the gutters will no longer be performing their job properly.

Sounds like a true hassle, right?

Luckily, that’s where covered gutter systems like LeafGuard come in.

Debris Shedding Hood
Unlike traditional gutters, LeafGuard systems come with a leaf and debris shedding hood, specifically designed to prevent hassles like described above. A large gutter bottom routes the rainwater away from your home, while the seamless hood prevents leaves and debris from impeding the flow.

Seamless Construction
LeafGuard gutters are designed to be a one-piece, seamless solution. Other gutter systems need to be welded or soldered together. Over time, these seams can become stressed due to constant exposure to water and fluctuating temperatures and will eventually break if they’re not repaired regularly. LeafGuard’s one-piece design is a sleek addition to your home with no bulky, unattractive add-ons and no seams!

No Roof Warranty Violations
Two-piece gutter systems often require additional nail holes into your roof. Over time, water can seep into those nail holes causing you lots of roof headaches. Even worse, the nail holes in your roof can sometimes be a roof warranty violation! It’s just not worth it to mess with the safety and durability of your roof. LeafGuard systems are screwed to the fascia board with internal hanging brackets, eliminating the potential for leaks or roof damage.

A LeafGuard gutter system is a wise investment when it comes to safeguarding your home against clogged gutters and potential water damage. Not only are LeafGuard systems patented and unique in their design, but they’ve also earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for their unwavering quality.

Quit climbing dangerous ladders to clean your gutters! Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation quote & go maintenance-free with LeafGuard.

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