How to Prevent Leaf-Related Issues This Fall

Fall foliage is one of the most beautiful things about the autumn season. Colorful leaves speckle the ground and make great piles for the kids to play in. But, while they may be pretty to look at, leaves can cause a number of problems for your home. Here are some leaf-related concerns you should look out for this fall.

Gutter issues
Leaves are the number one problem when it comes to gutters. Falling leaves can accumulate quickly in open gutters, causing water to back up and water damage issues to escalate. Be sure to inspect your gutters regularly to ensure water is flowing freely and being directed away from your house.

If clogged gutters are a regular occurrence for you, consider having a LeafGuard® gutter system installed.  Thanks to its built-in hood which covers the top of the gutter, it keeps leaves out while letting water pass through, making gutter cleaning a distant memory.  Plus, LeafGuard is guaranteed not to clog, or they’ll be cleaned for free!

Slipping hazards
Leaves that do make it to the ground can pose a slipping hazard, especially if they are wet. Be cautious of leaf-covered sidewalks or pavement. Raking or blowing these areas regularly will help prevent any unnecessary accidents from occurring.

Pest problems
As you’re raking and collecting leaves this fall, be sure not to leave the piles sitting around. Pests, like beetles, mites, and termites, are attracted to leaf litter and often make their homes in piles of dead leaves. These are not animals you want taking up residence near your home! Properly disposing of leaf piles will help prevent possible headaches for you down the road.

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