Tips for Keeping Your Gutters From Clogging

Tips for Keeping Your Gutters From CloggingThere are plenty of hazards that come with gutter clogs. Think about it: If debris is causing a backup in the troughs, rainwater isn’t being carried through the system and away from your home as effectively as it should be. And the result can be damaging. If water is spilling over the edges of your gutters rather than getting carried through and out of the system’s downspouts, your home is at risk. It can suffer from water damage to your roof, soffit, fascia, and landscaping. Not only are all of those problems significant in terms of scope, but they’re also costly to fix.

So, how can you keep all of those risks from piling up at your home? Well, it starts with taking measures to prevent backups within your gutter troughs. Here, we have tips for keeping your gutters from clogging:

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

The most obvious—and most tedious—way that you can prevent clogs within your gutters is to clean them out at least once a month. Spending your weekend mornings on a ladder while clearing out leaves and sludge by hand doesn’t sound like fun. However, doing so can prevent debris buildup. Trust us, the result is that your system will continue to run effectively, which will pay off for you in other ways.

Trim the Trees Surrounding Your Home

Before leaves and other debris drop into your gutters and create clogs, you can try to get ahead of the problem. Trimming tree branches that extend over your gutters can lessen the risk of sticks and leaves falling into the troughs when rain or wind picks up.

Take Extra Steps to Address Other Potential Debris

It isn’t just leaves and sticks that you should be looking out for when it comes to preventing gutter clogs. Loose roofing shingles or material from your chimney can chip away and fall into your gutter system, creating the same problems that leaves, sticks, and insects can.

Invest in a Top-of-the-Line Gutter System With Built-In Gutter Protection

The best and most efficient way to keep your gutters from clogging is to invest in a LeafGuard gutter system from Exterior Source. These innovatively designed gutters are seamless—which lessens the risk of leaks—and come with built-in gutter guards. Cut and crafted from a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum, these gutters feature a curved hood that covers the troughs.  That means leaves, sticks, and other debris roll right off the hood and fall to the ground while rainwater trickles into the system. Without system blockages, rainwater flows swiftly through and out of the extra-large downspouts rather than spilling over and causing any damage to your home.

At Exterior Source, it’s always been our goal to provide homeowners with exceptional products and expert installations. That’s why it’s so fitting that we offer these phenomenal gutter systems. Not to mention, we custom cut them on installation day so that we’re sure that they properly fit the dimensions of your home. The best part is, these gutters come with the LeafGuard Warranty—in the unlikely event of a clog, we’ll come to your home and clean the system out free of charge.

To learn more about keeping your gutters from clogging or to find out about the LeafGuard gutters we install for homeowners in the Tidewater, Virginia, area, reach out to Exterior Source today.

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