What Gutter Guards Work Best for Pine Needles?


Leafguard gutter guards blocking debris from clogging guttersWhen thinking about the functional aspects of your home, gutters may not be the first to come to mind. However, your gutters are responsible for whisking rain away from the house, helping to keep your siding and foundation dry. Unfortunately, gutters must handle more than just rain. If you live in an area surrounded by pine trees, you’ve likely had to put up with pine needles clogging your gutters. Is there an alternative to climbing a ladder and cleaning them out? Yes! Gutter guards work to keep debris out so that your gutters can continue functioning at their best. However, not all gutter guards can effectively keep pesky pine needles at bay. The innovative design of LeafGuard gutters makes them the best gutter system for dealing with pine needles.

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Block Pine Needles?

Most gutter covers can help keep debris such as twigs or leaves out, but pine needles still manage to make their way in. You need a gutter guard designed with smaller openings that make it harder for pine needles to slip past its defenses. LeafGuard gutters have a built-in cover that’s made of a solid piece of curved aluminum. The unique design encourages water to be drawn in while debris slips off and away, and it is significantly more durable—and more attractive!—than mesh gutter guards. LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed to never clog, making them the best gutters on the market.

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