Why Proper Gutter System Installation Is Important

Your gutters may not be flashy but they are one of the most important parts of your home’s water management system. The gutter system catches rainwater and prevents it from damaging your siding and other parts of your home. To enjoy your gutters’ protection, however, you need to work with a professional gutter installation company. Exterior Source explains why:

Why Proper Gutter System Installation Is Important

Protection for Existing Roof Warranties

Poor installation of your gutter system can put parts of your home at risk of water damage, especially your roof. In some cases, mistakes by the gutter installer can damage the roof and void your roof’s warranty.

Look for contractors who have been installing gutters for many years. They have the skills and experience to avoid common workmanship errors.

Lasting Performance

Work with a professional for your gutter installation to get the most out of your new gutter system. Installation mistakes can lead to problems once it rains. For example, your gutters might not be properly sloped. A gutter system needs to have a slight incline to allow rain to flow into your downspouts. Without this incline, rain can pool in your gutters and eventually overflow and damage your landscaping and siding.

Functional Gutter System

Installation mistakes can decrease your gutter system’s potential life span. For example, poorly installed gutters tend to clog more often. Pooling water can cause damage to the gutters’ material, which can lead to gutter cracks. A reputable gutter company will prevent this from happening by double-checking their installation and making sure you are completely satisfied with the quality of their work.

Exterior Source can help protect your home from water damage by installing our LeafGuard seamless gutter system. LeafGuard gutters have a built-in gutter protection system and a clog-free guarantee. This can make gutter repair issues and gutter clogs a thing of the past. As an official LeafGuard dealer, count on us for a perfect installation.

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