4 Features and Benefits of Zuri® Premium Decking

Exotic hardwood is one of the most beautiful decking materials available. But owning a wooden deck means you have to commit to vigilant care and maintenance. With Zuri® Premium Decking, you can have the best of both worlds. Read on as decking and gutter installation contractor Exterior Source shares an overview of the features and benefits of Zuri® Premium Decking.

  1. Authentic Hardwood Look — Composite decking is generally regarded as “plastic-looking” and is usually chosen by homeowners for its low-maintenance qualities rather than for its looks. With Zuri Premium Decking, maintenance and looks are not mutually exclusive. The minimal grain repetition and hidden fastener system make it look and feel like real hardwood.
  2. Durability — Decking is subject to scratches from foot traffic, furniture and your furry friends padding around. Someone conducting gutter repair may need to place their ladder on the deck. With Zuri Premium Decking, you don’t have to worry about scratches, stains, moisture intrusion or fading from exposure to UV rays. As a composite material, it resists wood rot and warping from temperature changes. Also, the exterior finish is protected by a 25-Year Colorfastness Warranty.
  3. Customizability — Zuri Premium Decking is available in five color options: Walnut, Chestnut, Pecan, Brazilia and Weathered Gray. This selection gives you the flexibility to create an outdoor deck that matches your home design. You can choose a different wood color each for the deck boards, railing and railing fills for a unique look that’s all yours. Use the Zuri Visualizer tool to virtually mix and match styles and colors before you finalize your decking design.
  4. Less Maintenance — Hardwoods require frequent inspections, maintenance and repairs, which is why many homeowners hesitate to choose it as their decking material. Zuri Premium Decking gives you all a hardwood’s pros and none of the cons, with its aforementioned beauty options that will not require painting, staining or resealing for its entire life span. Combined with is resistance against scratches and moisture damage, a deck built with Zuri Premium Decking will look more or less the same throughout its life span.

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