6 Planning Considerations to Make When Building a Walkway

Walkways are a wonderful addition to your home. It’s the perfect way of charming your guests, enhancing your curb appeal, and adding style to your front yard at the same time. A perfectly built walkway can compliment your home and landscaping. However, before you go ahead and have a walkway built, note that there are some things you have to think about when adding a new walkway.

In this post, roofing pros Exterior Source discuss six planning considerations you have to make when building a walkway for your home.

  1. Design – While a walkway can do the aforementioned things for your home, there’s one aspect that makes all that possible; the design. This can be achieved by scale, the most essential aspect of making a walkway that blends with your home. To get the right scale, carefully choose the right materials and proper placement of your walkway.

  1. Safety – Safety should always come first when it comes to adding to your home and the walkway is no exception. After all, you wouldn’t want any aspect of the walkway preventing you from seeing who could be at the door. To avoid this, consider adding some lighting along the walkway; not only does it help you see but it also adds to the ambiance.

  1. Maintenance – Maintenance is essential in preserving the new investment in your home. There are three ways you can maintain your walkway. First is the Joint Re-Sanding, which sweeps high-performance Polymeric Joint Sand into the paver stones’ joints. Another method of maintenance is cleaning, the simplest and most effective way of maintaining your walkway. The final method is sealing, which is a great way of updating the paver stones. To get the job done right, you can always hire roofing contractor Exterior Source’s partner, Nicolock Hardscape Pro Contractor for a job well done. 

  1. Budget – Of course, your finances are another thing to consider when planning a walkway installation in your home. Since cost dictates what materials you can use, it’s important you have a set amount tucked away for the project to avoid any financial problems in the future.

  1. Shade – When adding a walkway made of stone and concrete to your home, consider adding an amount of shade. Moss and Mildew can accumulate on these materials, which can cause a slippery condition that can be hazardous to you and your guests. 

  1. Real Estate Value – It’s important that you have your walkways and pathways built correctly and only of the highest quality. This is because they can increase your real estate value since they create an extension of the home by making unusable places usable. A poorly planned walkway, meanwhile, can reduce your home’s value so take great pains to make sure it’s done right.

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