8 Tips To Safeguard Your Home During Hurricane Season

Whether it’s your first hurricane as a homeowner or you’ve been through many over the years, it’s easy to forget things as you prepare for hurricanes. Here are 8 things you may not have done that you should consider as a hurricane closes in:

1. Remove or secure anything surrounding your home that could become an airborne projectile. That includes lawn furniture, toys and even debris like low-hanging branches or limbs.

2. The sump pump in your basement works to keep your basement or crawl space from flooding. Before any major storms, you should make sure it’s operating correctly. Any debris should be cleared from the pump to prevent clogging.

3. Learn how to turn off the electricity and gas or propane in case you’re evacuated.

4. Store your valuables in a safe, dry spot. If you need a dry place to store valuables, throw them in your washer, dryer, or dishwasher, or put them in plastic bins that are kept off the ground. You can put other items in trash bags and seal them shut with duct tape and you can put documents in Ziploc bags.

5. Tie down small trees and shrubs. This helps prevent uprooting during the storm.

6. Make your own sandbags. Grab some pillowcases and fill them with sand or cat litter. Dampen them, then put them against the door. This can help prevent flooding and water damage to your home.

7. Document the contents of your home and the home itself, inside and out, for insurance purposes. The easiest way to do this is to shoot video or still photos. Take pictures from every angle, including close-ups and shots that pull back to show the big picture. If you make an insurance claim, you’ll want this evidence to support the claim and recover the maximum amount.

8. Close curtains, shutters, and blinds to reduce the chance of flying glass if a window is blown out by high winds or flying debris.

After the storm is passed, if your home has suffered damage to the roof, siding, windows, doors, or gutters, give our team a call. We can help repair your home and are experienced in insurance claims. We will work diligently with your insurance company to make sure everything is taken care of properly.


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