A Look at Both Stylish and Energy-Efficient Windows

Many clients in the middle of planning a home improvement project find themselves trying to find replacement windows that are stylish yet functional. Fortunately, we can help explain some of the most popular window designs you can try for your home:

Casement Windows

This particular window style is generally found over hard-to-reach areas like above the kitchen sink, or a little higher up on the walls to allow fresh air and bright light indoors. They are attached by hinges that are placed on either side of the area and generally open outwards with a handle. Considering their wide range when opened, users can expect a lot of airflow circulating within their home, as well as natural sunlight. When installed properly by professionals, casement windows can help minimize your cooling, heating and lighting costs, while also adding a bit of flair to your home’s overall style.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are found in a variety of different homes, ranging from Tudor to Colonial to even contemporary homes. Considered by many to be one of the most versatile options, double-hung windows offer the classic look of wooden windows, but with energy-efficient benefits, thanks to their operable sashes. Unlike single-hung windows, both sashes of this window style can be adjusted to allow the maximum amount of sunlight and airflow you need.

Picture Windows

Picture windows also known as fixed windows are considered non-operable because they cannot be opened or adjusted to allow air flow. Nevertheless, they are often installed in places that require large amounts of sunlight, like living rooms and other gathering areas. While picture windows are usually seen as a decorative touch, they do enhance a room’s design by allowing natural light to seep through the glass.

With these styles and effects to choose from, one can easily replace their window designs with something that not only offers amazing views, but can also help improve their utility costs. To learn more about energy-efficient windows, contact your window and vinyl siding expert, Exterior Source, at  (804) 275-5323 (), or (757) 464-2060 (Tidewater).

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