All About Color: Cooler Homes with Cooler Roofs

Your choice of color for your roofing affects more than just your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. The fact is, color choice can have a significant effect on your roof’s energy efficiency. Since it’s an important concern among homeowners these days, Exterior Source is glad to share how color choice can affect a roof’s energy efficiency.

Cooler Roofs

Lighter Shades

Contractors have long used lighter shades for roofing in order to reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it. While the lighter shades may not exude the warmth and homely feel of darker roofing shades, they are easy on the eyes and attract less of the midday heat.

A Contrasting Color

Contrasting colors are another option among roof repair experts. Nonetheless, choose a color that contrasts only slightly with the rest of your house’s exterior. This way, it won’t appear too busy to passersby. For instance, consider neutral colors for your roofing system if your home is too brightly colored.

In addition, take note that lighter colors can reflect a significant amount of the sun’s heat. Avoid black roofing as this can affect cooling costs. This is especially true during harsh summers. Apart from energy efficiency, this decision can help with curb appeal.

Carefully consider your choice of color for your roofing. It affects more than your home’s overall look. Make it a point to consult your trusted roofer as to which options may be best both for aesthetic appeal as well as energy efficiency needs.

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