Concrete Pavers: Care and Maintenance Tips

Concrete pavers are beautiful, affordable and easy to install on walkways and patios. As with most parts of your home’s exterior, concrete pavers are subject to regular wear and tear. In this blog, home improvement contractor Exterior Source shares care and maintenance tips for concrete pavers.

Use a Plant-Friendly Cleaning Solution

Concrete pavers are typically installed on bare soil with bedding sand, which means you need to consider how your cleaning solution will affect the surrounding vegetation. Fortunately, concrete pavers do not require harsh, acidic cleaning products. Cleansers such as Simple Green are safe for surrounding plants. Mix it with hot water and use a stiff scrub brush to clean the concrete pavers, then rinse using a garden hose. Avoid pressure washers as they can damage the concrete pavers.

You Don’t Have to Remove Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a whitish residue that sometimes appears on newly installed paving stones. It disappears on its own after a while and does not affect concrete paver performance in any way. Efflorescence can be removed using an efflorescence remover sold by mason supply dealers. Under no circumstances should you use acidic cleaning products like muriatic acid.

Dealing With Mold and Moss

Mold and moss usually form in areas where there is a constant presence of moisture, such as on pavers located under leaking gutters. Mold and moss can be removed using a mild bleach solution or tap water and bleach with a 10:1 ratio. Use a dipper, mop or small sprayer to apply this solution, as it will kill plants that it comes into contact with. Also, address the source of moisture by investing in seamless gutters.

Food Drippings

If you like hosting summer barbecues, the concrete pavers on your patio may have grease, barbecue sauce and other kinds of food drippings. Spot-clean the stains by applying the aforementioned plant-friendly detergent undiluted. Let it penetrate for up to 30 minutes then scrub with hot water.

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