Features That Make a Window Energy-Efficient

One of the most sought after features in a window is its energy-efficiency since it helps lower your utility bills.  Thankfully, energy-efficient windows are the norm today and are easy to have installed.   

In this post, Exterior Source, the top supplier of gutters and replacement windows, discusses the features that make a window energy-efficient and how much you can save in a year if you replace your windows.

Framing Materials

Framing materials are one of the reasons for your window’s energy efficiency. Nowadays, there are a variety of durable, low-maintenance materials that allow better insulation and reduces heat transfer. Frames such as fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and composite frames are good choices for energy efficiency.

Glass Panes

Most energy-efficient windows have multiple glass panes, with an air or gas filled space in the middle. These multiple panes allow better insulation compared to a single pane of glass. Some ENERGY STAR windows even include three or more panes for greater energy-efficiency, increased impact resistance, and sound insulation.

Low-E Glass

Low-E coatings reflect infrared light, which keeps heat inside during the winter months and keeps it outside during the summer. It can also reflect UV light, protecting your interior furnishings from fading due to the sun’s rays. To see your replacement window options, hire window and gutter installation experts from Exterior Source for the best results.

Gas Fills

Another feature that allows energy-efficient windows to be possible is by having argon, krypton, or other gases between the glass panes. These gases also insulate better than regular air so choose windows with these gas fills as much as possible.

Warm Edge Spacers

The spacer keeps a window’s glass pane the correct distance apart, reducing heat transfers through the window.

How Much Can You Save?

To determine how much you can save per year, you’ll have to look at two things regarding your window: if they’re single-pane or double-pane. Studies show that single-pane windows yield the most energy savings per year, totaling from $126-$465 while double-pane, clear glass replacement windows allow you to save $27-$111 every year.

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