Front Door Color Ideas for 2019

One of the best home improvement projects for the new year is to find a reliable roofing contractor to ensure your house’s structural integrity. For projects that involve giving your home a new makeover, consider repainting your front doors with this year’s trendiest colors. Some options include:

Woodland Shades

In 2018, homeowners and fashionistas were hoping to add a bit more edge to their style by incorporating bold and edgier hues. This year, experts are looking to incorporate more subtle and sophisticated shades that are not only timeless, but can be paired with the right accents. One example is wooden shades, such as mushroom grays and fern-inspired colors, which will nicely complement any brighter hues your home may have.


Door and roof replacement experts like Exterior Source say that while 2019 is looking to shift from 2018’s bold and vibrant phase, there is no need to ditch bright colors if they make you happy. In fact, another hue that is able to meet the right balance between bold and subtle is coral, which not only gives off a calming aura, but can instantly lift the mood of anyone who is about to knock on your door.

Hunter Greens

Bold, classy and cosmopolitan, hunter greens are another great choice for homeowners who are looking for something that sets them apart from the rest. Pair this shade with hints of gold and bronze and you’ll surely welcome your neighbors with a timeless and classic look. 

Selecting a new shade for your front door can change the look of your entire home almost instantly. After finishing up some of your roofing projects, you might want to consider contacting Exterior Source again for their amazing range of doors hues. To request a free, no-obligation quote, contact us at our office at  855-877-5323 (toll-free),  or our Tidewater office at 757-464-2060.

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