How LeafGuard Gutter Protection System Works

LeafGuard is one of the most unique and effective gutter protection systems you will ever find. To fully appreciate its utility, Exterior Source explains how it works:

How LeafGuard Gutter Protection System Works

It Is Built Into the Gutter

The most distinctive quality of LeafGuard is that it’s a one-piece gutter system with a hood-covered trough.  LeafGuard is custom cut on-site and fitted specifically to your home.  Its innovative design keeps your gutters clog-free.

It Optimizes Liquid Adhesion

The genius behind its effectiveness is liquid adhesion. This scientific principle states that the water clings to the surface as it travels. With LeafGuard’s perfectly arched hood, it efficiently directs the water into its wide trough. At the same time, it filters out solid elements, such as leaves and pine needles, and sends them safely to the ground. For this reason, this product is guaranteed not to clog for a lifetime.

It Restricts Access to Animals

LeafGuard’s opening is wide enough for the water to pass through, but small enough to keep birds and squirrels out. In turn, it prevents pest invasion and animal nesting, keeping your home structurally sound and reducing the need for gutter repair.

It Handles Large Volumes of Water

LeafGuard’s downspouts are larger than average structures to accommodate greater volumes of water. Designed to be 3”x4”, its gutters can handle 32 inches of rain per hour. This means it can hold up three times more than the highest amount of rainfall the U.S. Weather Bureau has ever recorded.

It Resists Corrosion and Scratches

It’s made with one continuous piece of aluminum, so choosing LeafGuard for gutter installation and protection rules out rust. Its invisible internal hangers are non-corrosive, ensuring they will remain fastened to the fascia board.  Protected by ScratchGuard® paint finish, it’s guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip.

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