LP® SmartSide® Vs. Hailstones

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration reports that up to 5,411 hail storms were recorded in 2015 alone, with siding being one of the most-damaged areas of the house. Siding manufacturer LP Building Solutions has recently announced that their best-selling LP® SmartSide® products are now warranted for hail damage. In this blog, siding and gutter installation contractor Exterior Source takes a closer look at how LP SmartSide stands against hail damage.

Tested for Hail Resistance

LP SmartSide products were tested by the National Wind Institute at their Debris Impact Facility, located in Texas Tech University. The test results have shown that LP SmartSide lap siding outperformed comparable fiber cement and vinyl siding. LP SmartSide didn’t show signs of impact damage when hit by 1.75-inch hailstones at 81 mph. Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, showed dents up to 0.201 inches deep after being struck by the same size hailstones at 74 mph. Vinyl siding fared worse after being fractured by a 1.25-inch hailstone at 57 mph.

This means when you invest in LP SmartSide, you know that the average hailstorm won’t even create a dent on your home, especially when combined with impact-resistant roofing and gutters. With spring and summer being peak hail months, it’s never too late to invest in siding that will truly protect your home.Other Advantages of LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide offers complete protection for your home. The lap siding is complemented by trim and fascia, shingles and shakes, panel and vertical siding, and soffit. It’s available in a wide selection of colors, textures, and profiles that will fit any home style. Thanks to its lighter weight, it’s one of the easiest exterior materials to work with. Longer lengths of up to 16 feet help reduce waste during installation. This also helps shorten installation time, with reduced seams. LP SmartSide products, when installed by a certified contractor, are backed by a 50-year prorated limited warranty. This includes a five-year, 100% labor and material coverage.

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