The Dangers of Water Damage in Your Home

Water can enter your home in many ways, and the damage it can potentially do to your property is extensive. Water damage is why you should take even a small leak seriously. As a top home improvement contractor in the area, Exterior Source discusses the dangers of water damage in your home.

The Dangers of Water Damage in Your Home

Water And Wood

Water is the natural enemy of wood; even treated hardwood will get worn down by moisture damage over time. Roof leaks are particularly hazardous because they can damage the roof structure quickly. A weakened roof structure results in flimsy roofing, poor ventilation, and lower comfort levels throughout your home.

Your windows are another vulnerable part of your home; rain can hasten the deterioration of its wooden frames. We suggest installing Sunrise replacement windows. They boast superior durability and better elemental resistance. They look great, too!

Foundation Damage

Water leaks are particularly dangerous when they starts pooling near your home’s foundation. A water-weakened foundation is no laughing matter, especially if your home was constructed on loose soil or soil that shifts when moist.

The risk of foundation damage is why we recommend installing seamless gutters on your home. The gutter system directs water away from the home’s exterior, protecting your siding and foundation from water damage. And since it’s seamless, the gutters blend with the rest of your home’s architecture!

Water damage is a risk you should not ignore, and it should be addressed as soon as possible. If you suspect that your home is experiencing water or moisture damage, let our team perform an inspection. We’ll address your home’s leaks before they become a bigger and more expensive problem in the future. Call us at 855-877-5323 (toll-free) ( office), or 757 464-2060 (Tidewater office), for more information on our services.

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