Trex® Decks: Features and Benefits

When you need a high-performance material specifically designed for building an outdoor deck, choose Trex®. In this blog, roofing contractor Exterior Source shares a look at the features and benefits of this superior decking material.

Authentic Look and Feel

Wood grain is difficult to replicate because of the grain lines and occasional streaks found in natural wood. Pattern recognition is a natural human trait, which is why many people can easily identify imitation wood grain. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, Trex comes with refined wood grain, complete with natural-looking streaks that can stand up to close scrutiny. Trex is available in dozens of color options that eliminate the need to apply stains.


Most of today’s composite materials, such as the fiberglass used for siding and roofing, are mostly made from virgin plastic. Comparatively, Trex contains 95% recycled wood, sawdust and plastic film. This makes Trex one of the most eco-friendly building materials in the industry. Trex, the company, actively ensures use of post-consumer and post-industrial content whenever possible.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Homeowners tend to put up with artificial-looking deck materials because of the low-maintenance properties. While wood decks are certainly beautiful, they require lots of care and maintenance. With Trex, you don’t have to compromise looks for performance and maintenance requirements. Thanks to its protective outer shell, all you need to keep Trex clean is soap and water. It resists stains, fading, warping, cracking or splitting. The same outer shell also protects the deck from scratches caused by chair legs, rigid footwear and your pets’ claws.

Exceptional Warranty Coverage

Trex decking and railing products are guaranteed not to rot, warp or crack under normal use as part of the 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty and the 25-Year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty. Once you choose Trex for your home, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have a beautiful, durable and low-maintenance deck that will last for a long time.

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