Why Our LeafGuard Gutters Are the Superior Choice

Exterior Source is the number one choice for gutter services among local homeowners because our patented LeafGuard gutters provide excellent rain protection.  They also have a patented one-piece seamless design that helps to boost your home’s curb appeal and are guaranteed to provide free flowing gutters or they’ll be cleaned for free.  Learn more about this product here:

Built-In Gutter Protection

Unlike many gutter systems, our LeafGuard gutters were designed from the beginning to be clog-free. They have an innovative design that keeps rain flowing into your gutters while preventing leaves and debris from entering. They prevent clogs by using a scientific principle known as liquid adhesion. Rainwater will cling to the curved hood of our gutters and flow directly into the opening. Meanwhile, debris will just roll off your roof.

Seamless Design

Gutter seams are some of the most vulnerable areas in your gutter system. These seams can deteriorate and open, leading to gutter leaks and water damage. As a gutter repair expert, we highly recommend using seamless gutters because they are more durable and reliable. In addition, unlike regular gutters, our LeafGuard gutter system will perfectly fit your home. Using your home’s exact measurements, we will create your gutter system on site from extra-heavy 0.32 aluminum. This aluminum is 20% thicker than the industry standard and will last for a long time.

Other Features and Benefits

Our LeafGuard gutter system has plenty of other features and benefits. They have rustproof invisible brackets that attach your gutters to your fascia board or rafter tails. This is more stable than using nails. They also have a ScratchGuard®paint finish that is guaranteed not to chip, peel, or crack. The system also has generous 3” x 4” downspouts for maximum water flow. Lastly, we guarantee that this system will not clog or we will clean or repair it for free.

It’s time to say goodbye to clogged gutters. Our LeafGuard gutter system will reliably protect your home from water damage all year round. As a gutter installation expert, you can count on us for a quick and stress-free project. You’ll no longer need to worry about excessive gutter cleaning and maintenance. Exterior Source serves many areas around Norfolk and . Give us a call to learn more about our LeafGuard seamless gutter system. You can also ask for a quote.

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