Why Winter Is A Great Time For Home Improvement Projects

While summer, fall, and spring months are often thought of as the peak months for home improvement projects, there are some advantages to saving these projects for the winter months. In Virginia, and most other southern states, there are often plenty of good weather days during the winter months to update siding, replace roofing and windows, install new gutters and finish multiple other exterior projects. Consider some of these advantages to starting projects during the winter:

Contractors are not as busy. Spring is traditionally the time of the year when builders are the busiest. Most homeowners are coming out of winter hibernation, have money to spend, and are looking for something new. Prices go up and schedules get booked quickly. The winter months, however, are a much more flexible time for home contractors since they aren’t swamped with multiple projects at the same time. Contractors may be able to get to your project sooner and finish it quicker than they would during peak months.

Materials are often less expensive. The same way that Halloween candy is cheaper on November 1st, materials are often less expensive during the non-peak building months. Because the cost of materials often influences a contractor’s price, you are more likely to get a better deal during the winter months.

You’ll get a jump start on your project. It’s never too early to start planning and, luckily, planning isn’t weather-dependent. It’s true that the best projects are often solidified before the work even begins, so the winter months are a great time to start researching, planning, and reaching out to contractors. Even if your home improvement project requires warmer weather, you will be more likely to get a jump start if you begin planning now while the weather is cooler and business is slow. Not waiting for good weather (aka when everyone else starts calling) has its advantages!

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