What Causes Condensation Between Window Panes?

What Causes Condensation Between Window Panes?

Condensation on a window in your home can be indicative of a problem and can even mean a replacement is in order. First, though, you should check where on your window the condensation is. If it’s on the inside of the window, that just means there’s some humidity within your home. Of course, that can happen when it’s cold outside and your heat is turned on. It’s important to take care of that by wiping it away so that there is no lingering moisture that can lead to mold growth.

If the condensation is present between the window panes you have a bigger problem, as that is caused by air leaking out of the space between the glass panes. The air between the panes is supposed to contribute to great energy performance, but when your window is leaking and condensation appears, your home’s energy efficiency will suffer as a result. But that’s not the only problem that will occur.

What Other Problems are Caused by Condensation Between Window Panes?

In addition to the loss of energy efficiency that results from air leaking out from between your window panes, there can also be problems with:

  • Decreased indoor comfort throughout the year and increased heating and cooling costs each month
  • Mold growth within your window
  • Moisture deteriorating your window’s frame and sash

More often than not, the air leaks that cause the condensation between a window’s panes will happen with age. The older your windows are, the more prone they may be to developing such problems. And typically, the best thing to do in response to condensation issues is to have your windows replaced.

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