Heritage Series Replacement Windows: Best Windows for Winter

If your winters are characterized by uncomfortably cold days and increasingly high energy bills, your windows may be part of the problem. Exterior Source offers energy-efficient replacement windows from Joyce Manufacturing Co., and in this blog, we’ll tell you more about their new Heritage series windows.

Low-E Glass

To understand the importance of glass, we must first discuss the energy envelope. Every home has an enclosure made of the exterior walls, the attic, and openings such as skylights, entry doors and of course, windows. Ideally, this energy envelope should have sufficient insulation to prevent heat from passing through–what is commonly referred to as heat transference. Insufficient insulation allows heat loss during the winter months, as well as heat gain during the summer season. The increased heating and cooling requirements result in higher energy bills. Given that glass is a conductive material, traditional single-panel glass is not ideal, as it allows heat to pass through easily.

Exterior Source is proud to be the home improvement contractor that offers the Heritage series to homeowners in and Tidewater. Their double-stacked Low-E glass features two panels separated by a “warm edge” spacer. This eliminates contact between interior and exterior surfaces, dramatically reducing conductivity. Low-E coatings block unwanted heat and UV rays from direct sunlight. For better insulation, triple-stacked Low-E glass is also an option.

Insulated Vinyl Frames

Vinyl is the most popular sash and frame material for many reasons: it’s durable, can be fitted with insulating cores, and is virtually maintenance-free. Being an extruded material, custom sizes are possible, in a variety of colors. Some homeowners frown at the thought of vinyl windows because of the molded-in colors. While this does eliminate the need to scrape and repaint, the colors often end up dull because the selection is limited. Heritage series windows feature the Prizm Exterior Acrylic Coating system, which allows vibrant custom colors, while keeping the durability and low-maintenance requirements of typical vinyl frames.

Heritage series replacement windows also have exclusive features like the magnetic sill on the double-hung window sashes, which creates an airtight fit for fewer air leaks. All operable window styles feature sashes that can be tilted indoors for easy cleaning and maintenance. When installed by a skilled contractor, Heritage replacement windows can make your winters – and all other seasons – more comfortable, while helping you save on your energy costs.

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