FAQs About Wind Damage to Roof

Of all forces of nature, wind is the perhaps the most dangerous to your roof. Even the code-compliant roofs are not safe from powerful gales and sustained gusts. If violent winds don’t tear your roof apart, they can send hefty debris, like huge tree limbs, flying into your home.

FAQs About Wind Damage to Roof

When tackling a roof replacement, the specter of wind damage should be on your mind to stay out of harm’s way during storms. Today, Exterior Source answers the most asked questions about it:

How to Minimize Wind Damage?

There’s no escaping high winds, but any roofing contractor would say there are ways to mitigate their effect:

  • First, rethink your roof’s design. Some types, including gable roofs, are inherently more susceptible to wind damage.

  • Second, buy a complete, high-quality roofing system, hire a qualified installer, and get superior protection.

  • Third, observe preventive maintenance to catch red flags early, and head off leaks.

  • Fourth, trim overhanging branches to keep them from dislodging shingle granules when the wind blows.

Should Wind-Driven Rain Worry You?

Definitely. Wind-driven rain takes advantage of shingle cracks and splits as well as defective fascia boards and soffits. Your roof may seem intact from the ground, but such minor imperfections can lead to leaks when left unaddressed for too long.

Based on experience, Exterior Source knows that old roofs with complete or near-complete shingles suffer from wind-driven rain the most. Homeowners fall into a false sense of security just because they don’t see obvious shingle problems from the street.

Are All Hurricane Categories Destructive to Roofs?

Hurricanes are not equal, but they can be damaging all the same. But most manufacturers have installation requirements to prevent shingle blow-off during a Category 2 storm, which can have a wind speed between 96 mph and 110 mph. When such guidelines are followed, the chances of wind damage decrease significantly.

Furthermore, leading brands recommend special practices to make roofing shingles resistant even to wind speeds reaching to 130 mph. For instance, GAF suggests using six nails per shingle and applying starter strip shingles at the eaves and rakes.

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