Product Focus: GAF Tiger Paw™ Synthetic Underlayment

The underlayment is the layer between the roofing shingles and the roof deck. Its main purpose is to act as a waterproof barrier and to protect the roof deck from damage. This is why the quality of the underlayment has an impact on how long the roof lasts and on how well it protects your interior from the weather.

Product Focus: GAF Tiger Paw™ Synthetic Underlayment

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What Is the Underlayment?

The underlayment is an extra layer of protection against roof leaks if water manages to get past your roofing shingles. In addition, older homes used pine and fir boards as their roof deck materials. The resin pockets in these materials can react chemically with some roof coverings, so an underlayment can prevent this by covering the roof deck. Fortunately, newer homes use oriented strand board or plywood as roof sheathing, so this is less of a problem today.

If a roofing project needs several days to be completed, the underlayment can also act as temporary protection. The underlayment is strong and durable enough to protect your roof deck and interior even if the shingles aren’t installed yet. All manufacturers design their underlayment products to prevent the passage of water in its liquid form.

GAF Tiger Paw™ Synthetic Underlayment

As a GAF Master Elite Roofer, we are an experienced roofing company and use the best products for our customers. That’s why we use GAF Tiger Paw synthetic underlayment. This premium UV-stabilized polypropylene underlayment was designed with moisture control in mind. It can help remove nearly twice as much damaging moisture from your roof deck than other products. GAF also backs it with a Lifetime ltd. warrant, as long as it’s installed on a Lifetime Shingle roof. Lastly, it will not disintegrate over time because of its non-asphaltic, polypropylene construction.

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