5 Reasons Why Vinyl Siding Is A Great Option For Your Home

Vinyl siding has become a popular choice for homeowners since it was first introduced to the market in the late 1950s. In addition to being cheaper than cedar or aluminum, it is also much easier to maintain than other forms of siding. That said, not all vinyl siding is created equal. It is important to pick a quality product for your home.

At Exterior Source, we install CertainTeed vinyl siding and trim because of their aesthetically advanced and long-lasting products. As a CertainTeed 5-Star Contractor, we’ve seen our share of vinyl siding products and can confidently recommend CertainTeed to our homeowners.

Here are a few reasons why CertainTeed vinyl siding is a great option for your home:

  1. Vinyl siding comes in a wide array of colors guaranteed to fit the style and architectural design of your home. With CertainTeed, each vinyl siding product is covered with PermaColor Lifetime Fade Protection, so you can be sure the look of your home will last for years to come.
  2. While vinyl siding is great at boosting curb appeal and improving the overall look of a home, it is also great at insulating your home against the elements and weather. Even with insulation between the walls, your home can still leak air where the studs come in contact with exterior siding. Insulated vinyl siding adds another layer of protection to keep your home comfortable while cutting heating and cooling costs.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl siding is its low maintenance and durability. Unlike other siding options, vinyl needs very little cleaning and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  4. Vinyl siding is available to fit every budget. According to This Old House, vinyl siding is much cheaper than other siding options such as cedar, which can cost around 2.5 times more.
  5. Last but not least, vinyl siding is environmentally friendly and one of the few materials that comply with the strict requirements of the National Fire Protection Association.

Building professionals continue to choose vinyl siding as the #1 choice for home construction. With versatility, color options, weather resistance, high safety ratings, and an affordable price tag, vinyl siding is a great addition to any home. If you’re ready to improve your home’s exterior, talk to a contractor about the vinyl siding options available.

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