Fiber Cement Siding: The Truth Behind the Myths

Fiber cement is one of the most popular options among installers and homeowners alike for siding material; however, over the years, it has accumulated its share of myths.  As the area’s trusted home improvement company, we’re here to dispel those myths, such as the following:

Fiber Cement Siding: The Truth Behind the Myths

Myth: Fiber Cement Siding Lasts Forever

That would be nice, but logic dictates that nothing lasts forever. Constant exposure to the elements will deteriorate its condition in time. It is true that fiber cement lasts considerably longer than other siding types available on the market. It’s in this regard that products such as James Hardie Siding stand out because of long-lasting quality.

Myth: You’ll Never Have to Repaint Fiber Cement Siding

Simply put, this just isn’t true. What is, however, is that paint life cycles can last for a good dozen years or more with fiber cement siding. This is thanks to the fact that fiber cement does not soak in paint the way cedar, pine and other wood siding products do.

Myth: There is Asbestos in Fiber Cement Siding

Earlier versions of fiber cement siding did contain asbestos particles. The truth is, however, that fiber cement was designed to replace asbestos siding products. This move was an initiative to make the environment a much safer one for both installers as well as homeowners.

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