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Five Home Improvement Projects to Consider in 2020

Over the past decade, home improvement has been on the rise. This is largely driven by homeowners who are staying in their homes longer and choosing to update rather than move. According to a recent report from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, spending on home improvement projects has increased by more 50% since 2010 with aging homeowners responsible 

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The Most Rewarding Fall Home Improvement Projects

Fall is one of the most charming seasons filled with apple-picking, pumpkin spice-flavored everything, and gorgeous autumn scenery. It’s also one of the best seasons for tackling home improvement projects. With the humidity and hot weather of summer tapering off, now is the perfect time to get outside and work on the exterior of your home. Besides the favorable weather, fall is 

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Home Upgrades to Boost Energy Efficiency This Summer

What’s the best thing about home upgrades in summer? Not only can you avoid the hassles that come with wintertime renovations, but you can also prepare for the cold months early. Exterior Source, a leading home improvement contractor in the area, shares four home improvement projects that can help enhance your home’s thermal efficiency this summer.

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