Create Your Own Outdoor Relaxation Space

Living the outdoor life is a great way to relax, especially in your own backyard. But with so much on the to-do list, it’s a challenge to sit back and do nothing. Adding the right fixtures could give you the space and time to relax.

Dream the Dream
Before you do anything else, take a look at your targeted oasis with a fresh eye. Assess.

  • How big is it?
  • Can you find a new place for the junk that’s stored there?
  • Is there room for a new deck?
  • How about a gazebo, pergola, or awning?

Envision your new relaxation place with what you want. Then consider what you can afford. You might be pleasantly surprised at how the lists overlap. If not, at least you’ll go into the project clear-eyed about costs.

Clear the Clutter

Cleaning up the backyard helps you envision your new outdoor happy place. Remove the trash, prune overgrown hedges and trees. Toss out or recycle broken furniture and old playground equipment. It could be taking up space you need for a hammock.

Clean out the gutters, so you won’t have to worry about them collapsing under the weight of debris. Of course, if you have LeafGuard gutters, that’s one more chore you won’t waste time on.

If the yard has a nice view of a lake, stream, tree grove, or other natural scenery, clear a space for direct viewing. Install solid fencing to maintain privacy, but don’t block out the gifts of Mother Nature!

Yard Design and Landscaping

Knowing that your lawn is neat and trim helps you relax; it’s one less thing to worry about. Native plants in an outdoor decor brighten up decks and patios as they attract birds, butterflies, and pollinating bees. Even better, plants native to are low-maintenance, so you can spend time enjoying them instead of caring for them. Water is a great way to relax, whether you’re floating in a swimming pool or vegging out in a hot tub. Waterfalls and fountains add visual appeal, and their sounds are very calming. Garden ponds, wading pools, koi ponds, and birdbaths attract feathered and furry wildlife. Tall trees, high shrubs, thick hedges, and ornamental grasses give your relaxation space needed shade and a sense of privacy. Greenery walls and fences, arbors and overhead roofing add to that secluded feeling.

Seating and Lighting

Soft-cushioned lounge chairs, chaise lounges, swings, wooden benches, and hammocks are just a few options for your outdoor relaxation space. Set up some large beach umbrellas or build a gazebo complete with hanging flower baskets and LED lights.

Speaking of lights, you can set up solar sticks around your relaxation space that will soak in the sun’s rays during the day to emit soft lighting in the evening. Because solar photovoltaic systems convert sunlight to electricity, you can also use solar energy to light up your home.

Hot Tub

Installing a hot tub in your backyard is … kind of awesome! Relaxing at the end of a long day is something to look forward to, but these water spas do need consistent upkeep. For example, water temperature should not exceed 104 degrees. Frequent chlorine tests (and necessary modifications) should never be overlooked. Slight chemical odors are normal, and tub tiles should not be slippery. If you install a hot tub (or a swimming pool), prepare for friends and neighbors to drop by.

Rest and relaxation is an important part of life. Create your own special space and start living the good life!

Olivia Stevens designs homes that practically run themselves. You can bet her own home has a self-watering garden, synthetic turf, LeafGuard gutters, and lights that turn on at dusk.

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