Does Gutter Downspout Placement Matter?

White gutters on a house

If you are undertaking a gutter replacement project for your home, you may be wondering if the placement of your downspouts matter. The answer is a resounding yes! Here are a few reasons why downspout placement matters:

Proper Downspout Placement Protects Your Home

Your gutter system’s downspout determines where precipitation is directed. If your downspout is placed in a bad location, your home may suffer from costly water damage. Without a properly placed downspout you can end up with a cracked foundation, a flooded basement, and water damaged walls or siding. Plus, downspout placement can affect your system’s ability to drain water quickly. Without proper drainage, the water in your gutters can seep into your fascia and cause leaks.

Downspout Placement Prevents Erosion

Poorly placed downspouts can harm more than just your home. Your landscaping and yard can be impacted as well. If your downspout is improperly placed, your landscaping can be destroyed, and your soil may be eroded.

Downspout Placement Affects Curb Appeal

Smart homebuyers and realtors can spot downspouts that are improperly placed. This can affect the value of your home and the chances of someone wanting to buy it. Even if you are not planning on selling your home, a downspout that is not properly placed can be an eyesore and an inconvenience.

Expertly Installed Downspouts and Gutter Systems

If you need help with a gutter replacement or repair for your home, call Exterior Source. We will flawlessly install your downspouts and the rest of your gutter system.

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