Guide to Keeping Pine Needles Out of Gutters

Dealing with gutter-related issues can be one of the most frustrating parts of owning a home. Gutter clogs can be an especially irritating (and dangerous) issue to address, and the culprit of these troublesome blockages is typically pine needles. But how do you avoid keeping these small pieces of brush out of your gutters? Just read this guide from Exterior Source to find out!

Trim Your Trees

If you live in a wooded area or have large trees near your home, your gutters are more susceptible to getting clogged with pine needles. To address this, try trimming back branches on nearby trees, especially if they hang over your home and gutters. This will reduce the chance for pine needles to fall or be blown into your gutters. However, to ensure long-lasting protection, you will need to keep up with regular trimmings and tree maintenance, especially during times when pine needles are more likely to fall.

Keep Your Roof Clean

If you are noticing a buildup of pine needles on your roof, it can be worth it to schedule a roof cleaning to remove them. Pine needles that collect on your roof can end up in your gutters because of rain or wind.

Get Gutter Protection

Another excellent way to keep pine needles out of your gutters is to purchase gutter guards. These are protective pieces of equipment that can be installed on top of your gutters to prevent debris like pine needles from entering. However, the guards still allow rainwater to flow in, ensuring your gutters are able to process precipitation without issue. Some premium gutter systems even come with built in guards, removing the chance of relying on ill-fitting or improperly installed products.

Replace Your Gutters With Exterior Source

If you would like to ensure that pine needles never give your gutters trouble again, partner with Exterior Source. We install a fabulous clog-proof gutter system called LeafGuard®. This gutter solution is constructed with a heavy-duty sloped hood that sends pine needles and all other debris rolling to the ground. However, because of the unique design of the hood, water is carried into the troughs with ease.

The benefits provided by LeafGuard gutters extend far beyond their clog protection properties. They are also seamless, meaning they are constructed from one piece of durable aluminum instead of several pieces that are connected together. Seamless gutters boast a variety of advantages over sectional gutters. For starters, they are stronger and less likely to sag, crack, or leak because there is no chance for seams to become weakened. Additionally, the smooth, seamless troughs guarantee that water and any small pieces of debris can flow through without being impeded.

Contact Exterior Source to Learn More

If you are interested in upgrading to a LeafGuard gutter system, contact Exterior Source today. We would be glad to tell you more about our pine needle-proof gutters during a free consultation scheduled at your home in Chesapeake, Virginia, or a nearby community.

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