Our Response to COVID-19

Many of our customers have asked, “Is it safe to continue with our home improvement project right now?”

With the recent outbreak of COVID 19, Exterior Source has taken extra steps to ensure the safety of our team and of our customers. We have implemented procedures following the CDC recommendations and are requiring adherence by our team.

What does this look like?

  • Hand sanitizing is readily available for all employees
  • Any team member feeling unwell is to stay at home
  • Social Distancing is being practiced in office and on work sites
  • Job Site teams are being asked to practice hand sanitization both before and after customer interaction
  • No company meeting will occur that result in 10 or more in attendance
  • Team members are encouraged to practice the same CDC recommendations in their personal activities

So, to our customers, if our team members are resistant to shaking your hand, it is not intended as a sign of disrespect, rather it is a way to protect both you and them. If they stand at a farther than normal distance when talking to you, it is simply practicing social distancing.  And if they use hand sanitizer in your presence, it is not because of a specific targeting of you, but of continued good hand hygiene practices per the CDC.

Please know that the wellness and safety of our customers and employees have been, and will continue to be of primary importance to Exterior Source. We highly value each of you and know that we will all get through this together.

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