The Dangers of Cleaning Gutters

With spring showers just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your gutters. Without a gutter guard, the gutters on your home require regular cleaning to prevent clogging and rainwater back-ups. Unfortunately, what seems like a routine chore can also be an extremely dangerous one.

These following are some of the most common dangers associated with cleaning gutters:

Ladder Injuries

      1. Did you know that more than 90,000 people receive emergency room treatment every year due to ladder-related injuries?

Using ladders at home – especially to clean gutters – is a major contributor. While useful in some instances, ladders can be extremely finicky – just one misstep can lead to a fall and injury. They are cumbersome to store and can become damaged over time without proper maintenance.

Dizziness Issues

      1. The dangers involved in climbing ladders to clean gutters only increases with age. Even a perfectly healthy person can be affected by dizziness or vertigo when working at high heights. Stretching for hard-to-reach places can also cause unbalance, leading to falls and injuries.

Electrical Wiring

    1. Coming in contact with electrical wiring while working on the roof of your home can be extremely dangerous. In some cases, power lines come very close to the roof and may even connect to the roof in certain places. This can present several safety hazards when cleaning out your gutters.

The best way to prevent you, or your spouse, from being injured while cleaning gutters is to stop cleaning them altogether! That’s where we come in – we’ve installed LeafGuard gutter systems for homeowners throughout the Tidewater and Central Virginia area since 1993.

The LeafGuard one-piece seamless construction is designed to keep debris, such as pine needles, leaves and acorns out, while allowing rain water to travel through the gutter’s trough. The innovative design is backed up by a clog free guarantee – you’ll have free flowing gutters, or we’ll clean them for free! You’ll never have to climb a ladder to clean gutters again!

Learn more about LeafGuard gutters on our website or fill out the form to get a free, no obligation quote for your home!

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