Do LeafGuard Gutters Prevent Clogs?

Do LeafGuard Gutters Prevent Clogs?Nothing can disrupt a gutter system quite like a clog. Any backups that exist within the troughs will prevent the system from carrying rainwater out and away from your home. As a result, your home’s roof, soffit, fascia, and landscaping may be at risk of water damage, which can be extremely costly to fix. Not only that, but clogged gutters are a pain to deal with from a labor standpoint. No one enjoys climbing a ladder on a Saturday morning to clean their gutters. So, how can you avoid the risk of water damage and say goodbye to such a tedious chore? The answer is by adding LeafGuard gutters to your home. But do LeafGuard gutters prevent clogs? Yes, they do! You might wonder how, so allow us to explain.

LeafGuard Gutters Are Designed With Gutter Protection in Mind

LeafGuard gutter systems are widely popular with homeowners, and given the protection they provide, it’s easy to see why. These seamless gutters are manufactured with clog prevention in mind. Their innovative design features a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum that forms a curved hood over the troughs. That way, leaves, sticks, and other falling debris hit the hood, roll off, and fall to the ground, allowing the system to freely carry rainwater through and out of its high-capacity downspouts. The result is a lower risk of water damage and much less maintenance required from you!

Turn to the Experts for an Installation of New LeafGuard Gutters

When you’re in the market for a new gutter system and you want one that is designed to avoid leaks and clogs, LeafGuard gutters are the right choice. And as a resident of Tidewater, Virginia, your best course of action for such an investment is to partner with our team at Exterior Source. We custom-cut these magnificent gutters on site to ensure a precise fit for your home, plus we back them with a no-clog guarantee. In the unlikely event that a clog does occur, we’ll visit your home and clean it out, free of charge.

To learn more about partnering with us for these clog-preventing LeafGuard gutters, contact Exterior Source today. 

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