How Long Do LeafGuard Gutters Last?

close up of leafguard gutter systemJust as with any exterior product, you hope your gutters will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Falling debris, hail, strong winds, snow, and more can all damage your gutters over time. The best way to ensure your gutters last is to choose advanced gutter protection for your home. LeafGuard gutters are made from seamless aluminum that is 20% thicker than conventional gutters and built to withstand just about anything nature could throw at them. They are notably more durable than common vinyl gutters. Because of this, you can be confident that your LeafGuard gutters will last significantly longer than average gutters—upwards of 20 years.

Advanced Gutter Protection

LeafGuard gutters have managed to set a new standard for gutter protection. They are designed to keep out pine needles, leaves, and other debris like no other gutter system on the market. Since their unique design ensures no clogs, there is much less risk of heavy clogs causing the gutters to sag or fall away from the home. If a clog does somehow manage to occur, a clog-free guarantee ensures it will be cleaned out for free. Furthermore, LeafGuard gutters have been put to the test and are capable of handling over three times the heaviest rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau. This means no matter the storm you’re facing, you won’t have to worry about basement flooding or a damaged foundation.

If you’re ready to have your Virginia home outfitted with a gutter system that will last, Exterior Source is here to help. We’re the exclusive provider of LeafGuard gutters, the best gutter protection on the market. Reach out today to get a free quote!

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