Liquid Adhesion: The Secret Behind LeafGuard

At Exterior Source, we’re proud to offer LeafGuard gutters, an innovative seamless gutter design that makes gutter cleaning and maintenance a non-issue. The secret is that these gutters work on a scientific principle known as liquid adhesion.

Liquid Adhesion: The Secret Behind LeafGuard

It’s not as technical as it sounds though; in this post, we discuss how this process works to prevent clogs and blockages from forming in your gutters.

How it Works

Liquid adhesion is actually quite simple to understand. It basically means that any liquid will cling to the surface it travels upon, even if the surface is curved or round. What this means for our LeafGuard Gutters is that the water will travel directly into the gutter as it sticks to the surface.

Solids such as leaves, pine needles and even roofing granules won’t stick to the surface and will instead roll over the gutters. The result is a gutter system that will be completely free from gutter blockages and clogs, making it the best choice for your next new gutter installation.

Strong Downspouts and Hangers

Our LeafGuard Gutters are also installed with extra large 3-by4 inch downspouts designed to withstand even the heaviest rainfall: up to 32 inches of rain per hour. That’s more than three-times the record rainfall ever recorded in the country.

Your new gutter system’s internal hangers are strong and non-corrosive and are directly attached to your home’s fascia boards. We use screws instead of nails to attach them to give you complete peace of mind.

LeafGuard is the best choice if what you’re looking for is a worry-free gutter system for your home. Let Exterior Source install your new LeafGuard today. We offer complete gutter services, from gutter repair to replacement. homeowners may reach us at (804) 275-5323. For Tidewater residents, call us at (757) 464-2060 to learn more about our services.

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