Should You Remove Gutter Guards in the Winter?

Should You Remove Gutter Guards in the Winter?Having gutter guards installed on your home certainly has its benefits, as it means protection for your home’s roof, soffit, fascia, and landscaping against potential water damage. However, are they safe to keep attached to your roofline year-round, or should you remove your gutter guards in the winter?

In some cases, removing them will be the smart choice. If your gutter covers are made from metal, they are at risk of freezing when temperatures drop low enough. Not only that, but if enough snow is falling, snow buildup and ice dams can form on your gutters, which can lead to damage. Of course, if your gutter guards are made from a material impervious to cold temperatures and you clean and maintain them well, you can limit the risk of damage to your home. But there’s an even better solution, and that’s the built-in gutter protection you get from a new LeafGuard gutter system.

LeafGuard Gutters Feature Built-In Gutter Guards That Work in All Seasons

When you invest in LeafGuard gutters, you’re setting your home up for flawless year-round protection. These seamless gutter systems are crafted from a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum that forms a sloped hood, which extends over the troughs to serve as built-in gutter protection. What this design does is ensure that leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other debris are unable to penetrate the system, instead sliding off of the gutter covers and falling to the ground. This allows for melted snow or ice to flow efficiently through the system and out through extra-large downspouts. That way, you’re keeping your home free from the risk of damage in all kinds of weather.

Turn to the Experts for Your New LeafGuard Gutter System

If you’re ready to upgrade your home in the Tidewater, Virginia, area with new LeafGuard seamless gutters, Exterior Source is the team to call. Contact us today if you’re ready to take your home’s protection to the next level!

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