Hood Taps: What Are They & Why They Are So Beneficial

What is a Hood Tap?Your gutters are supposed to protect your roofline and home from water damage, right? Well, depending on your home’s design, it’s possible that even the best gutter systems can wear down certain sections of your roof. For example, if you have a multi-level roof, you may have gutters and a downspout that empties from the upper level directly onto a shingled lower level roof section before draining into lower level gutters. This setup means that rainwater from the upper level will dump water over the same section of your shingled roof time and again to get to the lower gutters. And while it may not cause any noticeable damage immediately, the granules on your shingles will slowly begin to wear away, deteriorating that section of roof as time goes on.

So, what’s the solution? Well, at Exterior Source, we install hood taps—or gutter downspout extensions—that eliminate this water runoff problem, allowing your roof to remain functional and beautiful for years to come.

What is a Hood Tap?

A hood tap is a downspout extension that connects the upper part of your home’s gutter system to the lower gutters. Connecting the gutters at different levels allows rainwater to seamlessly flow from the upper roofline gutters, through a trough laid across a section of roof and into gutters attached to your lower roofline without the heavy runoff water ever touching your roof.

As a result, water damage to shingles is prevented, ensuring long-term beauty and performance that you can count on. Perhaps the most important part of hood tap installation from Exterior Source is that we color match the downspout to perfectly blend in with your roof’s hue and aesthetic. You won’t have to worry about the downspout detracting from your home’s curb appeal. Indeed, the hood tap is nearly unnoticeable from the street view of your home!


Why You Should Trust Exterior Source With Your Gutter Needs

Exterior Source is Virginia’s trusted gutter company for a reason, as we install industry-leading LeafGuard seamless gutters to prevent leaks and clogs. Add to that the extremely helpful hood taps we install and you have a perfect gutter system that looks great and functions phenomenally. There’s simply no beating that!

To learn more about hood taps and how they can enhance the already outstanding LeafGuard gutter systems we install, contact Exterior Source today.       

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