What Makes LeafGuard® Gutters Different From Other Gutters?

Local homeowners look to Exterior Source whenever they need new gutters, or for help with other exterior home improvement services. Today, we will explain what makes our LeafGuard® gutters different from other gutter protection systems and why they would make a great addition to your home.

What Makes LeafGuard® Gutters Different From Other Gutters?

Seamless Design

The seams in an ordinary gutter are vulnerable to leaks because they can deteriorate and open. Seamless gutters like LeafGuard gutters will eliminate this vulnerability. In addition, our gutters are more durable and reliable and they are custom manufactured for your home. We will use your home’s exact measurements to create your gutter system – on site – from extra-heavy 0.32 aluminum. This aluminum is 20% thicker than the industry standard, allowing it to handle severe weather.

Built-In Gutter Protection

Unlike ordinary gutter systems, LeafGuard gutters were designed from the beginning to be clog-free. They have an innovative design that allows rain to flow into the gutters, while blocking leaves and other debris. Our gutters prevent clogs by utilizing a scientific principle known as liquid adhesion. Rain will cling to the curved hood of LeafGuard gutters, thanks to this principle, and flow directly into the opening. Debris can’t do this, so it simply falls off your roof. As a gutter installation expert, we highly recommend LeafGuard gutters.

Other Features

Our LeafGuard gutters have rustproof invisible brackets that attach to your fascia board or rafter tails. This is more stable than using nails and allows our gutters to blend into your roofline. They also have a ScratchGuard® paint finish that is guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip, reducing  gutter maintenance requirements. LeafGuard gutters also have generous 3″x 4” downspouts for maximum water flow.

Do you need a gutter repair and new gutters? Call us for a professional inspection to find out. Our company has helped thousands of local homeowners with their gutter problems and other home improvement needs since 1993. Our focus is on excellent workmanship and great customer service. Call us at (804) 275-5323 if you are in and (757) 464-2060 if you are in Tidewater, to learn more about our services and products.

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