3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters because first impressions last. Since your home is an extension of yourself, you should make it reflect your personality. If you decide to sell in the future, it will be easier to attract buyers who will consider buying your house.

3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Any experienced home improvement contractor, including Exterior Source, would agree that these are the best ways to boost your property’s curb appeal:

Replace the Old Roof

If your home has a traditional style, there’s a good chance it has a steep-slope roof. The pronounced pitch makes it an attention-grabbing architectural feature. When it begins to look drab with age, think about getting a new one for both aesthetic and structural reasons.

However, there’s such a thing as a wrong and a right roofing product. Not all materials and colors lend themselves to all architectural styles. Understand how your home is supposed to look, to achieve architectural accuracy.

Most traditional homes use asphalt shingles because they emulate wood shakes and slate and appeal to most budgets. Also, complement your new roof with seamless gutters to give your façade a clean and uniform appearance.

Retire the Tired Siding

Siding visually occupies most of your home’s exterior. When it loses its beauty due to fading, peeling, melting or cracking, that’s a sign it needs replacement. Like your roof, your choice of siding product should be consistent with your home’s architectural aesthetic.

However, the material doesn’t necessarily need to be historically accurate to reduce your initial expense and minimize maintenance. Vinyl and fiber cement are two of the most sought-after siding alternatives to wood because of their cost-effectiveness.

Get More Interesting Windows

Windows are just secondary architectural elements, but they nonetheless contribute to curb appeal a lot. If your aging units suffer from severe damage, getting new ones will let you restore your home’s structural integrity and update its look.

When choosing replacement windows, think about them on a room-by-room basis to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of different areas. Put the right design elements together to help accentuate the distinctive character of your home.

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