Boost Your Home’s Weather Resistance With These Projects

The harsh conditions during the cold months can take a toll on your home. They can cause many issues, from water leaks to skyrocketing energy bills. The good news is, you can prevent issues by doing a bit of tuning up and investing in upgrades.

Boost Your Home’s Weather Resistance With These Projects

Exterior Source, your top home improvement contractor, suggests some of the best projects that will boost your protection from the ill effects of the weather.

Window Replacement

Old windows tend to be less efficient, which translates into more drafts and thermal energy loss. To keep your living space comfortable, be sure to replace them with sturdier ones like those from Sunrise®. Sunrise windows come with innovative frame materials, multiple glass panes and low-E glass to keep your home airtight and secure.

Gutter Upgrade

If you have sectional gutters, you probably deal with frequent leaks and clogging. This is due to their end caps, corner pieces and other areas with seams, which allow water to back up and provide debris with opportunities to create a blockage.

You can minimize this problem when you switch to seamless gutters. They are formed from a single sheet of metal, which minimizes the risks of leaks and clogging. Furthermore, they provide your home with a neat, smooth accent.

Roof Repair and Inspection

As your home’s first line of defense against the harmful elements, your roof may have sustained damage throughout the year. That said, you should address even the smallest of leaks to keep them from turning into costly problems. You should also check if your attic is still well-ventilated and well-insulated. When you detect signs of damage, seek the help of an expert to further inspect your roof and perform the needed repairs.

Whether you’re in need of new gutters, roofing, or replacement windows, Exterior Source has got you covered. Call us today at (804) 275-5323 in , or (757) 464-2060 in Tidewater to request a free estimate.

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