Common Gutter Problems and the Ultimate Solution

Gutters are an often neglected, yet very important, component of every home. When neglected, various issues can build up and render them ineffective at their all-important function. The following are the most common gutter problems you need to prevent.

 Common Gutter Problems


Clogs are the most common problem of all when it comes to gutters. Being such an exposed part of the roofing system, your gutters are designed to trap water and channel it away. The problem, however, is that water isn’t the only thing that gets in. All manner of debris can get trapped and accumulate over time.


When neglected, water and accumulated debris can bear down on the entire gutter system. The sheer weight may be too much and, over time, cause your gutters to separate from your home.

Leaks and Holes

Constant exposure to the elements, high winds, and impact from various types of debris can damage your gutters over time. As a result, leaks and holes may spring up and cause your gutters to be less efficient. Make sure to call us if you have gutter issues that need addressing.

Downspout Misplacement

Downspouts draining too close to the foundation is yet another legitimate problem. It’s important to avoid this as water can pool around your foundation, loosen the ground, and cause foundation issues.

Installing a reliable gutter protection system like LeafGuard® will help prevent these problems. With its innovative and seamless design, leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other types of debris will simply fall off your roof. Only pure water will enter through your gutters and flow away from your home. They won’t clog, will work through all types of weather, and come with 100% transferrable warranties.

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