Here’s Why Roofs in Our Area Need Ridge Vents

As an experienced roofing contractor, we highly recommend installing ridge vents for roofs in our area. A vented attic works in cold, hot, and mixed climates and here’s how it will benefit your home. When it’s cold, ventilation will remove moisture from your attic and helps prevent ice dams. When it’s hot, ventilation will expel solar-heated hot air from your attic, reducing your building’s cooling load. We can install ridge vents that will accomplish all of these goals. For more information, call us today! 

Why is Roof Ventilation Important?

Simply put, it can improve your home’s energy efficiency and minimize problems like ice dams. The US Federal Housing Administration also recommends a minimum of at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space. A proper attic ventilation system will allow a continuous flow of outside air through your attic, helping lower temperatures in your living space and protecting the efficiency of the insulation. Attic ventilation also protects your roofing system and prevents premature aging of your shingles.

Our Ridge Vent Product

Exterior Source uses only the best roofing products on the market, and that’s why we install Cobra® Attic Ventilation from GAF. The Cobra series of products will help make sure that your attic has proper ventilation. The Cobra Exhaust Vent for the roof ridge features an enhanced design that improves compression resistance. This improves your roof’s overall appearance. They are also easy to install for an expert like us and they also deliver excellent performance.

Homeowners who prefer green building products will also love this vent. GAF manufactures it from 100% recycled fiber, reducing the amount of material entering our landfills. They are also practically invisible once we install them, so all visitors will see is the beauty of your roof. The Cobra Exhaust Vent is also weatherproof, passing snow infiltration and 110 mph wind-driven rain tests. Lastly, as part of the GAF Lifetime roofing system, this ridge vent is covered by a lifetime warranty.

As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, Exterior Source is an expert in roof replacement. We suggest calling us if your roof has extensive damage that roof repair can no longer remedy. We can install GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System for your home, which has all the features and components to protect your interior from any weather. Exterior Source serves the communities around Norfolk and . Give us a call to if you want to learn more about roof ventilation. You can also get a quote.

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