Rain Barrels: An Eco-Friendly Addition to Your Home

Once your gutters are clear and water can flow through them properly, you may consider investing in a rain barrel. Working in tandem with your gutter system, a rain barrel is a great way to collect rainwater for your plants and lawn.

By placing a rain barrel at the bottom of your downspout, you can potentially collect more than a thousand gallons of water a year to repurpose around the house. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also can benefit your home and the community in many different ways.

It controls moisture levels around your home
Rain barrels are a wonderful way to collect rainwater before it reaches ground level, thus preventing a build-up of moisture around the foundation of your home.

It provides an unpolluted reserve of water
Because it is highly oxygenated and free of man-made chemicals, rainwater is highly beneficial for your lawn, flowers, and garden. A rain barrel will help you keep a reserve of this unpolluted water on hand, becoming especially helpful during droughts and dry seasons.

It saves you money
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that watering lawns and gardens accounts for up to 40% of residential water use during the summer months. By re-using the water collected in a rain barrel, you can substantially conserve the use of well or city water.

Rain barrels can easily be found at your local hardware store or you can even make your own! There are numerous designs available to suit the aesthetic of your home and installation couldn’t be easier. Simply place the rain barrel below a downspout in a location where you can easily reach it and wait for the rain to come! This eco-friendly approach to gardening and lawn care will quickly extend its benefits beyond your own home and into the community.

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