There’s a Huge Fire Hazard Lurking in Your Closet

One of the fire hazards we often find in older homes involves using an incandescent light bulb in a walk-in closet. Often, homeowners will forget to turn the light off, which can cause the bulb to overheat, potentially setting the clothes on fire.

Several years ago, National Codes changed in new construction, requiring fluorescent lights in closets. While fluorescent bulbs do not get hot, they can bleach your clothing, if left on for long periods. Plus, they can change the color of your clothes depending on whether the bulb is warm – which can cast a yellow or even green light onto your clothes, or cool – which can cast a blue-colored light. Over time, the lights can change the color of your clothes, especially noticeable when you walk out into daylight!

You should check your closet’s bulb, whether incandescent or fluorescent. We encourage you to replace them with a 4000K LED (the Duracell Ultra LED cool white bulb is a good choice), for the following reasons:

  • this bulb gives off the whitest light
  • the bulb will last for years
  • it will not generate heat
  • it renders the colors of your clothes more accurately

One of the upgrades we often suggest in new construction and remodels is a sensor in the closet door, which automatically turns the light on when the door is open, and off when the door closes. This eliminates the danger of forgetting to turn the light off when leaving the closet.

This blog is from Janet Kay, a guest writer.

Janet is an Interior Designer and can be reached at:

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