Things to Consider When Planning a Sunroom Addition

Whenever you’re installing a new fiber cement siding or a new roof to your home, there are certain things you need to consider to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. This is the process for every home remodeling or renovation process. Similarly, there are also some practical considerations you have to think over when adding a sunroom to your home.

In this post, Exterior Source discusses what you have to consider if you plan on adding a sunroom to your home.


This is one of the first things you have to consider before having a sunroom added. The costs of sunrooms vary and depend on various factors such as its size. Considering the cost of the sunroom you want for your home can help you budget appropriately for the project so you can avoid an financial difficulties during the process.

Pre-Fab or Custom-Built

When building a sunroom, there are two subcategories you have to consider: pre-fab and custom-built. If you opt for the latter, a general contractor will design and build the sunroom according to your specifications. Custom-built sunrooms often have glass walls and shingle roofs. Pre-fab sunrooms, on the other hand, are assembled like a puzzle by qualified technicians. You can also DIY them if you prefer. These kits are usually designed and fabricated off-site before being shipped to your home in pieces. If you have plans of having a sunroom built for your home, hire sunroom and vinyl siding experts Exteriors Source for the best results.


Sunroom builders have been stepping up their game in recent years. Before, pre-fab sunrooms weren’t even wired for electricity and nowadays, this is now a viable option with sunroom packages. There are also various components that can be placed in your sunroom aside from electrical services such as an HVAC unit and the supplemental space it provides. 

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