Why Your House May Need Step & Kick-out Flashing

One of the problems often found on homes is water damage inside the walls of the home. While a homeowner may think this serious problem results from a gutter issue, it’s actually due to improper flashing installation.

Step flashing is installed where a roof joins up to a wall. It looks like individual pieces of L-shaped metal and goes against the wall and under each application of roofing shingle. It’s applied on the outside of a brick house, while applied under exteriors such as stucco and siding.

It’s extremely important that the installer pulls the last piece of step flashing out from behind the siding, so that water is not channeled behind the siding, which would allow water to go to the inside walls of the home.

A piece of kickout flashing should be applied under the last piece of step flashing, tilted away from the wall. This extra preventive step will push water away from the outside of your wall, eliminating streaks caused by water stains, as well as mold, mildew and potential rot.

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